Pregnancy & Dresses Advice

We get asked all the time about what would happen if a bride, or bridesmaid, fell pregnant after their dress was ordered. We always have lots of advice, but this year this is exactly what happened to me so I thought I would share my story.

I was delighted to be asked to be Bridesmaid for my friend Nicola last year and obviously being in this business knew exactly what the timescales were for ordering dresses. I held off ordering my dress until as late as possible, as I wasn’t pregnant by when we needed to order I thought the worst case scenario would be that I would be around 3 months at the time of the wedding. Babies however have their own plan and I fell pregnant straight away and by the time of the wedding I was 6 months pregnant. I had ordered my dress in my usual size as I have two children already, and with my planning had hoped that just a small bump would fit into the dress. I knew straightaway this was now going to be unlikely but had ever confidence in our seamstress, Laura Masson, that she would make my dress perfect for me.

Nicola had chosen the gorgeous M706 dress from the True Bride collection in their newly launched colour Wisteria. The dress has a zip and button back which I knew would now need changed to a corset back. The corset allowed me extra space in the dress and was ideal for my growing bump, as in pregnancy you never know exactly how big you will be week to week.

The dress arrived when I was 4 months pregnant and fitted perfectly, I could close the zip and happily took some photos to show Nicola. By 5 months I could still close the dress but by this point I could feel how tight it was and knew that we would definitely need to change it to a corset back. Laura worked with me, allowing me extra fittings and waiting until as late into my pregnancy as we could before altering the dress.

Laura knows exactly how to get a dress to look perfect. I had ordered some extra satin material in advance, as this can take a few weeks to arrive, and she used this to add a panel to the back and change it to a corset back, so lace up. I ended up not needing to have the length on the dress altered, despite the fact I am only an teeny 5ft 4″ as my bump pulled up the length at the front and Laura lifted my straps to give me extra support.

On the day, with my flowers held in front of my bump, I looked exactly the same as the other bridesmaids. I felt comfortable all day and danced well into the early hours of the night, even driving home in my dress, the joys of not drinking.

Had I have known in advance exactly how far pregnant I would be I would have ordered the dress 2 sizes bigger and then had Laura alter it as needed, which would have probably meant I could have kept the zip back. We would always advise though that the corset is the best option if needed, as no-one knows exactly how big they will get during pregnancy. We treat everyone as an individual and just talk through all the options with you.

I hope this encourages everyone though to know that just because you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you need a different dress, there is lots that can be done, whether you know in advance that you will be pregnant or not.

Here are some photos of my dress journey right through to the Wedding Day. Love Karyn xxx