New Bridal and Bridesmaid Collections

Our new bridal and bridesmaid collections for 2018 are starting to arrive, with lots of new dresses due in between now and the end of February:

We can’t wait for them to arrive. Have a look at our bridal page to see all the new images:

Ella Rose and Gallery by Kenneth Winston: A brand new designer for 2018 for the boutique arriving January

The Ella Rose collection, dreamy and feminine Understated combination of sleek profiles and subtle design cues. A modern approach to the traditional wedding gown. Dresses int his collection are priced from £900.00-£1500.00

The Gallery Collection, simple and affordable, Affordable and beautifully simple and modern looks. The perfect choice for a reception or outdoor gown where the focus is staying light and comfortable. Dresses in this collection are priced from £715.00 -£970.00

True Bride Bridal and Bridesmaid collections: New Collection arriving January, some of the dresses are already here in the boutique!

Wtoo by Watters Bridal Collection: New collection arriving in February