Congratulations on your engagement!

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting event and a fabulous day out, but it also opens up a world of questions and decisions. That is where we at Ivory Whites are here to help. As nice as it is to browse through magazines, or look online, it is much more fun to try on the real thing. You never know what you will fall in love with. Come along to our friendly boutique and let us help you find your dream dress.

We are here to offer advice, answer questions and help make your shopping experience as simple, but as fun, as possible. At Ivory Whites you will get a one to one appointment, so no one else in the boutique. We will help you with your dress decisions, whether it is your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, by talking to you about what you want for your dress. We will then help you work out exactly what you love in a dress. Our collection of dresses is really varied in style so lots of different styles for you to try. Dresses look unique on everyone, so don’t be afraid to try something different. You’ll be surprised what they look like on compared to how they look on the hanger.



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